Mar 7

March CME Blog

Welcome to my first blog. 

I recently participated in a webinar that focused on the value and importance of communication.  Accurate communication between healthcare providers and their patients as well as communication and interaction between organizations and individuals is vital to the success of a partnership. I hope this form of communication is helpful, informative and shows our commitment to the relationships we have with our partners in education.

Sunshine Law Follow-up

Many of you may be following the progress of the Sunshine Act and the potential impact on continuing education.  February 17th was the deadline to submit comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the proposed rules of the act.  Medical Education Resources, along with over 100 other organizations including the ACEHP and the AAFP, have submitted comments expressing concern about the proposed regulations. We will let you know of any additional information that is disseminated.


Discussion for March

I have had several partners ask me about the Certified Continuing Medical Education Professional (CCMEP) designation.  This is a certification program for individuals in the continuing medical education (CME) field who wish to demonstrate their competence and earn the designation of Certified CME Professional.  The National Commission for Certification of CME Professionals oversees the certification process.  We feel that the certification is an asset to our organization and all of MER’s account managers hold this certification. The education gained is not only valuable as an accredited provider, but the importance associated with the CCMEP distinction continues to grow and elevate the level of knowledge within the profession.  We view this as one facet of our responsibility to stay current in the CME field.  Through this continued education we ensure that the jointly sponsored activities we produce meet the high standards we all expect.

Further information about becoming a CCMEP may be found at

Please let me know if I can help answer any questions

Lori Conwell, CCMEP

Senior Account Manager, Medical Education Resources